Quad State Area Dwarf Hotot Club​
          ​Established 2014 ~ Disbanded 2018
  It is with sadness and heavy heart that I have to report to you that we the members of the QSDAHC have voted to disband our club.

​​ We wish to thank all that have visited our site over the past few years and for those that are a first time looking at the site we are truly sorry. Please know that our mission 
of the QSADHC will be still taken on as individuals, to educate, inform and promote rabbits (particularly the Dwarf Hotot) to the public. ​​​​

Please go to our Dwarf Hotot national breed's website (www.adhrc.com) for additional information, breeders listing in your area and maybe even a membership application to join an awesome team of breeders.

Thank you for your support and understanding!

~ Terry​​

Site Updated 9-19-2018